Natural Light and Space Design 02

Modern Residential

Discussed before, natural light is an essential aspect to not only a comfortable residential space, but an office space as well. Here are a few ways to allow natural light into your home, apartment, or office. For one, it is important to simply clear the space around your windows. Doing this allows light to enter as deep into the room as possible. Moving large furniture or appliances is beneficial. The second way to enhance your natural light is to strategically place reflective surfaces. This will reflect natural light and can even triple the amount of natural light that enters. Additionally, one of the best ways to boost your natural light is to think about the colors that you use. Painting your surrounding walls with light colors and placing lighter colored furniture reflects light around the room. This is simple yet effective in most instances. Furthermore, we have a design aspect that can help natural light enter. When designing a room it is important to treat the upper portion of the walls differently than the lower ¾ of that same wall. Clear glass when placed at the upper portion of a wall will greatly affect the amount of natural light entering an interior space that does not benefit from direct natural light. Similarly the use of translucent glass doors will help in a similar way and still maintain privacy that may be needed in the space.

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