Natural Light and Space Design 01

Too many people overlook the powerful design possibilities of natural light.

But why? Natural light is known as daylighting. Its relevance can be seen in the past as buildings contained large windows. However, the world today has seemed to forget its significance, and daylighting is being overshadowed increasingly by artificial light. Although artificial light appears to lessen the importance of daylight, daylight has not lost its influence. While daylight has simple benefits such as energy-saving and less installation necessary, it also offers benefits such as better moods and superior quality of sleep. Secondly, daylight offers thermally comfortable environments that put forth outdoor pleasure. This can be connected to the way daylight illuminates rooms with various hues, often capable of manipulating the way a room looks. For example, northern light cast a cool, bluish tint. Light from the east or west offers yellow, orange, and red colors. Finally, exposure to light from the south gives warmer colors to a room.

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