Project Name - Valley Street Mixed Use - Proposal 

Location - South Orange, NJ

Total SF - 6,000

Budget - $1.8 Mil

Existing - Parking lot 

Proposed - Apartments and retail at base 

Design intent -  Proposed design take advantage of the steep street, to articulate the building volumes and minimized excavations. Core element ties the two apartment volumes together to organize the site, create building identity and sense of orientation. Total of 4 apartment are proposed with a retail at ground level along the commercial Street.  All proposed apartment are loft like spaces, all benefit from south exposure and maximum natural light. 

Proposed materials are contextual and use brick veneer with dramatic presence of iron in brick and IPE rain screen cladding system, both windows and storefronts will utilize silver metallic painted aluminum system to lighten the composition. Design intent is to keep building contextual while introducing accent materials, colors and textures as a mean to create a dialog with existing built environment.