Project Name: Minimalist warm design  

Location: NYC 

Total SF: Over 1,300 sf 

Budget: Over $400K

Existing: 3 bedroom apartment 

Design intent: Reorganize key apartment spaces, in order to re-energize, strengthen the flow between them and the apartment as a whole. Kitchen space was relocated from its current area to a location across from living space. The newly create space allowed for a more natural flow between living space and the open kitchen. Both enjoined natural light and city views. 
Special attention was given to the illumination of the living space. Thought process was revolving around the idea of theatrical scenes. Pendant lighting as main source of illumination while multi place cove LED light was to wall wash the surrounding walls, all are separately control and dimmable.

Scope: Total gut renovation of entire apartment, including; kitchen, 2 bathrooms, dining space, master bedroom, and 2 additional bedrooms